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  1. S

    105 Series Fz-Fe Loss of Power/ Fuel

    G’day, I’ve got a 105 series auto petrol I’ve had for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it. It’s having a problem with it running out of fuel/power when using the main-tank only. It’s happens anywhere between there being 38L to 18L of fuel left in the tank. Its running well apart from...
  2. H

    Problem with RPM

    Hi friends Please help me.. I don’t know why the RPM can’t be stable Am waiting for your reply Thank you all
  3. S

    What preventive maintenance should I do on a used FZ-FE?

    Somehow the vehicle got hot, wife's daily driver, head is cracked, looking at salvage engines. (175k, 1997 LX450) 3 questions: 1. Cruiserparts a reputable source? 2. Should I get a full overhaul gasket kit and just pay the extra labor to have them all done? Or just the main seals? The engine...
  4. ivandiaz

    Toyota FZ Engine - where to buy

    Any help on where to buy a new FZ engine is greatly appreciated! I am looking to exchange my actual 3F on an FJ80/1991. I'd like to see the FJ perform much better than the posible upgrades I did on the 3F, still feels heavy.
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