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  1. K

    92 FJ80 Spaghetti wiring at the battery

    I bought this 1992 FJ80 as a none runner. Stock engine 3FE 210,000 miles It cranks but will not fire. No CEL I've been going through the vehicle cleaning up the rats nest of wiring. Can someone provide a pic or two of the wires from the battery, and the wiring colors and the fusable links...
  2. LCunderhill

    FJ62 electrical issue/ Fusible Link

    Hey Guys, Iv'e done all sorts of researching but just couldn't find a similar situation. although many other threads have gotten mt to this point, so thank you! I have recently had some electrical issues with the truck. Long story Short... It started up perfectly fine from sitting for 2 days...
  3. M

    Reversed Polarity, blew Alt Fuse - starts, but gas pedal isn't working

    I recently took a jump from a good Samaritan who crossed the jumper cables. The truck wouldn't start or turn over and I discovered that I had blown the Alt 140amp fusable link and a few other fuses. I've replaced them all, and the cruiser now starts, but when I push the gas pedal, nothing...
  4. Manuelsv

    voltage regulator triage, Any other wires to check to rule out ?

    97 Cruiser, Stock Denso marked on the Alternator "Regulator built in 07" Toyota 27060-66070 101211 5270 Denso 10R24 (stamped) Symptoms Alternator/charge light on under 2,000 RPM's :confused: ....... This all started after driving thru heavy rain (Yes sometimes it rains hard in Phoenix :p ) I...
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