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    Funky Chicken back with a vengeance

    So I’ve tried almost everything I’ve read on Mud. Still no luck. 84 3B 60 series. EDIC cycles every 10 seconds with accessories on (heater, lights, etc) doesn’t stall engine, just cuts fuel for a split second Cleaned all grounds throughly Replaced oil sender for gauge / Cleaned wire for oil...
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    Funky Chicken is back with a vengeance

    Alright. I had this issue once before on my 86 BJ60 - 3B, And i solved it by cleaning the ground between my frame and bell housing. However, now my EDIC keeps cycling to stop for a split second and then back to run. At idle with no accessories on, it seems to happen rarely. It persists more when...
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    Funky chicken EDIC issue persisting :(

    Experiencing some funky chicken in my EDIC system on my 3B and can’t seem to find what’s causing it. I’ve taken off my engine block grounds other wires that are easy access and sanded and cleaned them down, I’ve even taken apart my fuel control relay to see if there was any corrosion on it and...
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