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  1. C

    For Sale Full Length African Outback Roof Rack for 80 Series/Seattle

    I'm selling a full length, silver, African Outback roof rack for an 80 series. It has the sunroof hatch and an under-mount camp table. I also have two jerry can holders (each holds 2x20L) and a shovel mount. Located in Seattle. Ideally, would prefer local but will ship at buyers cost. $700...
  2. Markuson

    Low Profile Roof Rack Options?

    I've searched already...but wonder if y'all might have found something I haven't... So I love the Front Runner system...but I don't like how HIGH it extends upward. I know they have a table you can mount under it...but sheesh. The rack is 6 inches tall. I see this Baja Rack "Utility (flat)...
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