fuel pump bracket

  1. 1lukeduke

    Where to run electric fuel pump and filters on TBI

    Hello all! I have a 1977 FJ40 with a 1992 5.7 TBI. The PO ran a pieced together fuel line out of an S-10. It worked but now I want to do it correctly. So, I have a Pre filter 3/8 barb, then the fuel pump 3/8 barb and then the after filter in 3/8 barb to out AN fitting. Wondering if anyone has...
  2. T

    fj62 Fuel pump bracket restoration questions

    I am restoring this fuel pump bracket since they are basically not available. Looking for advice on how to properly repair or patch up two sections. 1. Where the blue wire attaches to the top of the fuel pump bracket, the plastic/glass protective cover has been broken. The wire is still...
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