fuel pick up

  1. woytovich

    Need FJ60 Fuel Pick up assembly

    So my brake issue is solved (thanks to the folks in that other thread) and as I was putting the rear tires back on I smelled a strong gas smell... sure enough, the fuel pick up hard lines at the top of the tank are all rotted out. (I dropped the tank already to verify) Anyone have one they can...
  2. dustin weaver

    Fj60 fuel pick up

    Removed the cap underneath the cargo area carpet, just a fuel sending unit. How do I get to the pickup... please don't say drop the tank.
  3. wood47

    Late Model Fuel Suction Tube/Pickup

    I'm replacing my 1980 fuel tank with new but can't seem to get the rusted screws off my old suction tube. It's rusted solid to the old tank and I'm afraid I would probably destroy it trying to get it off. Can't seem to find this specific part anywhere, though sending units are plentiful...
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