fuel injected

  1. S

    SOLD  1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj60 with 3FE engine

    Hey, Mud community. I'm in the position where I'm thinking about giving up my project FJ60. I was in the process of swapping a 3FE from a 92 FJ80 into my FJ60 and ended up pausing the completion due to financial and work reasons. The 3FE is installed (all new engine gaskets and seals, new head...
  2. overton

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 Fuel Injected - Built to Explore

    An Arizona born and bred FJ40 that has spent her life in the high desert climate of Arizona before coming to Colorado. This FJ40 was professionally built by Seth Jacobsen at Adventure Driven. Lightly used over the past ten years. This 1977 FJ40 Soft Top was built for adventure and exploring...
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