fuel cans

  1. geoffnlp

    Scepter OD Green fuel cans in Central Florida?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in Central Florida has any OD Green Scepter fuel cans that I can take a look at or if anyone can send a pic. I purchased two that are supposed to be OD Green but look like they are the drab green ones, almost brown looking. I work in Longwood, I appreciate any...
  2. Spiva

    For Sale FJ62 Hitch mounted 2 fuel can carrier - NorCal

    $150 obo I have a 2 fuel can carrier that attaches to a 2" hitch, and bolts to the lower side of the stock FJ62 bumper. (Sorry, I don't know if the 60 has the same size bumper.) Super easy to install, assuming you can remove your lower bumper bolts. The 2 can holder swings out to allow the...
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