front oil seal

  1. houstonfj40

    2F front crank oil seal squealing?

    So replaced a Harmonic Balancer and its a long story but now I have dealt with two front oil seals that have squealed like a belt? The HB was a New Toyota part from UAE, 3 groove. Couple 100 miles and it had rubber built up and the seal was squealing. Replaced, second is squealing also, the HB...
  2. 73FJ40

    Homemade Timing Gear Oil Nozzle?

    Pulled my F engine to replace gaskets and seals (I figured they were original from Jan '73). Imagine my surprise when I found one of the larger diameter timing cover bolts was mongrel (not std Toyota with indented head and captured washer) and one of the small bolts spinning but not...
  3. G

    Oil seal drag on front hub

    Rebuilding the front knuckles and hubs on my 1978 FJ40. New bearings seals and discs (rotors). I've installed the hubs, torqued them up to 43 ft/lbs, rotated, backed off the nut, rotated a few times and repeated. All good except I have a lot more 'oil seal drag' on the left side( 18-20 lbs on...
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