frame rails

  1. K

    Frame Reinforcement for 350+ HP V8?

    Hey guys, I searched around the internet for awhile and was unable to get a clear answere. Is it necessary to weld reinforcement plates anywhere on the frame to hand a V8 with 350+ horsepower conversion and not tear the frame up? Thanks!
  2. T

    Tubular chassis/frame

    Hi there, I have an 85 fj60 which I have yet to start an overhaul on, it's in pretty rough shape underneath. Has anyone made, considered making or have engineered drawing/plans for a tubular chassis? I have been contemplating fabricating one for my rig for a while now as oppose to patching or...
  3. Strait Cruisin

    Inside frame rails mufflers/exhaust - v8

    I'm about to do the exhaust on my glacially progressing rebuild. I remember seeing some frame off pictures a while back of a really nice example of twin mufflers mounted behind the t-case. I thought I saved them but over the years there's lots of stuff I thought I saved. Anyone have pictures of...
  4. Ramination

    If you were to build a new frame, what would you change?

    I am embarking on a build that has already escalated further than expected. Ha! This rig is being built as an offroad toy as opposed to a restoration so I had planned on chopping the frame in the rear and boxing in the entire frame where it wasn't from the factory. Plus, I plan to stretch the...
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