frame parts

  1. T

    Tubular chassis/frame

    Hi there, I have an 85 fj60 which I have yet to start an overhaul on, it's in pretty rough shape underneath. Has anyone made, considered making or have engineered drawing/plans for a tubular chassis? I have been contemplating fabricating one for my rig for a while now as oppose to patching or...
  2. cruiserjunktion

    Wanted  Fst frame parts

  3. Henry Schofield

    1983 BJ40, European Market #Wire Diagram #Engine block crack #frame resources

    Hello ALL I just purchased my second Land Cruiser, first one was 35 years ago in Kodiak Alaska, today I own one in Clark Philippines. I am in desperate help for resources. My B engine has a small hairline crack and seeping water. Does the 2B engine fit where I have a B? Are there any good...
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