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  1. S

    For Sale  1990 Toyota HiLux 4 door 4WD LHD Diesel.

    Hi All, I was thinking of bringing some 1990 Toyota HiLux 4 door 4X4 LHD to the states. Do any of your guys have any idea of whats the market like and interest in people wanting to buy these trucks. I know they are awesome trucks and being diesel 4x4 they are better then the tacos or tundras...
  2. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's FJ159

    So I have decided to finally post up my project. I have been gathering parts for a while, and am finally getting to the fun part of putting them all together. I bought a FJ40 4 years ago, and after a lot of work decided to totally change direction. I bought a rusted out fj60, parted it out and...
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