1. C

    2004 LX 470 - new to the forum

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and looking to purchase my first LX 470. I've been driving cars all my life and now need an SUV for camping and towing a boat. So far I've read nothing but good things about the LX 470. I found a 2004 with 100k miles in really good condition. The 100k service...
  2. Paul DiNapoli

    howdy all - new user to the forum - searching for my 1st FJ62

    hey ya'll - just a brand new user saying hello - been coveting an FJ60/62 for a while now - and reading lots of stuff & learning as I go through this process. I have a tacoma I'm going to sell this spring and use the funds to buy my 1st FJ - preferably a 62...would love a diesel but realize I...
  3. 0

    New Guy to the Forum

    Hello, new guy here. I was informed to introduce myself to the group. I've known a few 4Runner owners who have nothing bad to say about their rigs generally. So, back in 2008, I talked the wife into giving a 2003 Sport V8 4x4 a run. We took it on some local trails, and she became the "do...

    New to the forum

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and have been very impressed with the wealth of knowledge here. I recently picked up a 73' FJ40. I had looked for awhile and finally found one. I've already dove in and have been putting in a new wire harness. Rig has a 305 small block in it. Can't wait to get...
  5. A

    New to the forum

    Whats up everyone? My name is Art and Im new to ih8mud. I dont know if Im in the right place for introductory or not but here it goes. Some of you might now me from the FJCFORUMS as Art31. I had an 07 FJ Cruiser fully modded which I sold last week, and i picked up a 97 80. The 80 is stock at the...
  6. BMThiker

    The jump to top of page arrow...

    Everything looks a little bit different today on the forum...menus, function icons and the Jump to Top button that used to track down the page as you scrolled through a thread disappeared. I loved this function on both the full size browser and my mobile browser. Now it's gone.
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