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    Need help with an electrical issue

    The other day I replaced my battery and battery cables with the kit from fourrunner. While replacing the cables I noticed that the previous owner had cut out the fusible link and had the red, black and white alt wire directly wired in using a wire nut. I cut that out and ran a ten gauge wire...
  2. bubfuji

    For Sale 1990 Forerunner Brake Calipers (FJ60/FJ62 brake upgrade)

    I recently changed my FJ62 to the tundra caliper and rotor setup. So I have a set of front 1990 Toyota Forerunner calipers that I took off of my FJ62. These calipers have the 4 large pistons verses the FJ/60/FJ62 calipers with the 2 small/2 large piston set up. These have only been used for...
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