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  1. 9

    For Sale 310k, 1998 LC 100

    About how much would one go for? ZERO rust anywhere you look. Rebuilt engine at 285k myself, took out "old" heater T's and put in new ones. New brakes/rotors rear, front is still good. New akebono brake pads for front. Kickass stereo system/amp/speakers. New shocks, struts, tires 85%. New...
  2. ranman

    For Sale Land Rover Range Rover Sport V8 Svr (2016)

    Blue, Upgrades - Heads Up Display, Blind Spot Monitoring With Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection, Solar Attenuating Windscreen, Xenon Lights with LED Signature, 3 owners, 5 seats, $24,950.00
  3. Harp123

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Minden, LA. USA

    I have for sale my 1997 LEXUS LX 450 with 179,800 miles and NO Rust (no front and rear lockers). It is equipped with Slee Front and Rear Bumper and armor underneath, Front Runner Roof Rack w/accessories, Metal Tech Sliders, Warn 9000 winch, Dual Battery setup but not wired, OME Heavy Load 2.5"...
  4. lukemcd

    1996 FZJ80 Valuation Help

    Hey everyone, After buying this FZJ80 found one problem after another that has me convinced to sell it. I really like the car and I'm sure someone with much more knowledge and experience with these can do well with this thing but I could use some help in coming up with a valuation for this...
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