flywheel cover

  1. T

    Wanted  FJ60: Flywheel Cover and Bolts / 83 Owner's Manual

    Looking for FJ60: Flywheel Cover / Bolts 1983 FJ60 Owner's Manual / Paperwork Thanks!
  2. Casey E

    For Sale  Flywheel Cover

    I think this came off a 2F bellhousing. $45 plus shipping.
  3. C

    Wanted  Flywheel Cover - 04/1976 2F with 4spd

    I have a 04/1976 2F with 4spd that is missing the covers under the flywheel. It should be a two piece setup with a sort of flat cover up against flywheel and a rounded pan-like cover underneath the flywheel. Should be part numbers 11363-60010 and 11361-60060 If anyone has either of these parts...
  4. ErikinSC

    Wanted  4 speed Trans inspection cover

    I need to find a 4 speed flywheel inspection cover. Have a like new powder coated 3 speed cover.... Useless to me. The cover I need looks like this, with symmetrical mounting holes : Willing to trade ' offer a very nicely restored and powder coated 3 speed Trans cover to anyone interested.
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