floor matt

  1. F

    Trade FJ55 Floor Matt (late style)

    I have a really middle area (between front and rear seats) floor matt. This is from a later FJ55. I have a 1970 FJ55 so I'm looking for the earlier style floor matt that has the underseat heater offset. The particular floor matt that I currently have has the heater cut-out centered. This matt...
  2. planyourday

    For Sale 1975 Black Front Floor Mat

    Fj40 black front floor mat My Fj40 is far from original so others may have better use of this. This matt is in great shape. I have not added any protectors or chemicals. I didn't scrub it, I just rinsed it off with water and took pictures. There is a small tear on the drivers side (see photo)...
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