flashers not working

  1. S

    blinkers and hazards not working

    I am just about finished with my 9/70 and cannot get the blinkers or hazards to work. The flasher has power to it but the blinker switch does not. Also when I pull the e-brake lever, the "brakes" light comes on. How does the turn signal switch get its power? I thought power came from...
  2. MyToy72

    Electrical Issue with 12/72 horn-brakes-flashers

    I have a 12/72 (73) FJ-40 I did a complete frame off build on. I have had it on the road for about a year and recently I noticed the brake lights were not working. So I looked at the fuse and it was blown. Put in a new fuse and it blew as soon as it touched the fuse block. (good sized...
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