flange bolts

  1. Snickklefrittz

    Question about exhaust flange bolts and Magnaflow replacement. What bolts do I need?

    My Y pipe has bit the dust, as well as showing symptoms of bad cats. I ordered The Magnaflow 23120 and the matching second cat and I'm hoping to install them later this week. Here's my question: What bolts do I need for the cats? Does the kit come with the ones that I need? Can I cut the heads...
  2. Skeenextreme

    Replacement Driveshaft flange studs FJ80

    Has anyone found Toyota replacement flange studs for the front flange on the rear driveshaft of the 80? I have searched around and haven't found them. The only part numbers I can find are for the bolts and nuts on the axle side flange and a part number 36209a for the front flange assembly but...
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