1. T

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80

    Selling 1997 Land Cruiser. Located in Florida, USA. Southern vehicle most of its life. Very good overall condition for age and mileage. 275K miles (274K now but driven occasionally until sold). Daily driver. Starts and runs extremely reliably. About $12K invested. (Selling for $7K . May consider...
  2. Ddude

    New guy here

    I have been poking around on here for a while now and finally joined. Recently I bought a 1994 lockers :(.... with 315,000 miles on the original engine. Runs like a champ. Interior is in perfect condition. The only thing I have done so far is yank the factory running boards off as...
  3. ccslider

    SOLD 97 fjz80 unlocked axles Denver, co

    I'm selling my non locking axles from my 97 fj. Has 250k miles. Shipping a possibility. Please do your quote. I'll ship from 80002. Can take to Fastenal on a pallet. The front was clicking on full turns and the birfs were leaking. I pulled it apart and the birfs and axles are worn. I used the...
  4. Cruiser804

    FJZ80 rear panhard? Anyone have an extra

    Title says it all. Tried to press new bushing into mine and got he press cylinder stuck in the panhard. May have to cut it off if i can't figure out how to get it off.
  5. ccslider

    Wanted Fjz80 birfs for 97 longer Denver co

    Got a set nevermind!
  6. aznxfactor

    For Sale Fjz80 Hood and fender flares for sale

    I have a fjz80 hood and 94 fender flares for sale. Hood is in great shape. The coat is bubling but whoever that takes this will be repainting anyways. Overall its in great condition. $100 plus shipping at your cost. Fender flares are in great shape. Its the dark green color. I bought it...
  7. ccslider

    Wanted Front axle shafts fjz80

    I'm looking for good condition axle shafts, I do not need birfs. If you have a set that does not have a groovy seal area then I'm interested. Thank you
  8. P

    FZJ80 Alternator Help

    Hey all, I've been reading the forums on this site for a while now, but this is my first post. I'm a complete noob to owning 2 FJ80s, and I need some help. For the backstory, see below. To jump ahead to my issue, scroll to the paragraph that starts: "Then I realized I made a mistake." I...
  9. B

    American Racing Teflon Mojave Wheel Fitment/Offset FJZ80

    Hi All, Its been a really long time since i have posted, but i cannot seem to find the information needed on the wheels i am looking to purchase for my restoration. I am looking to run 285/70/17 on American Racing Mojave wheels. I believe the wheels are 17x8, linked below is a youtube video...
  10. ccslider

    What lift do I have installed? Fjz80

    I bought my fj used a couple of year back and I'm trying to figure out what lift it is. The components are OME The front: Driver side has N 73L shock, unknown spring. I thought it said 850 or 851 The diameter of the the coil is about .686 thousandths I'm counting 10 wraps. maybe 9.9 ( I was...
  11. GaryN

    For Sale SOLD - 94 FJZ80 Cummins 4bta

    SOLD With two Landcruisers in the driveway, its time for the diesel to find a new home. I’ve been the owner for 5 years and 17,000 miles - taken trips to the snow, Rubicon, Swamp Lake, Death Valley, Utah, and Nevada. It’s been a reliable vehicle and I’ve enjoyed building it up and maintaining...
  12. ccslider

    Extended brake lines - Fjz80

    I've been searching for extended brake line options and have found several threads about using T100 / tundra lines. The only issue is that I don't know if tundra is for the front or what. I don't really need to go the SS route and only need a few inches extended. Can someone chime in about...
  13. ccslider

    Wanted Wanted - Locker harness 5 wire connector / pigtail fjz80

    I'm looking for the female side of the plug for the rear locker. This will be the connector that the rear locker harness plugs into. It's located on the drivers side rear by the frame. I believe all 96,97 lx450's have this even if it is not equipped with lockers. Thank you!! I have paypal...
  14. O

    Wanted fjz80 front axle and birfield

    Hi I am looking for a birfield cv joint and matching long axle shaft for a 1996 fjz80 shipping should be an option to 12561 thanks!
  15. kristofferson

    New Power Steering pump question for 1997

    Hi folks, The power steering pump on my '97 is making an awful noise and looks like it's leaking a bit. When it first showed up, it was when that last cold snap came through and I thought it was the cold weather and maybe old PS fluid making it groan, but now that it's warmer and it's still...
  16. PbnFJ

    For Sale SOLD : Slee Offroad HD tie rod and drag link

    SOLD For sale are a set of Slee HD drag link and tie rod for an FZJ80 or LX450. These are new and never used. Sold the truck before I had a chance to install them. SOLD
  17. h2opl20

    Can Anyone in Yakima check out a Cruiser for me?

    Anyone in Yakima have time to check out a cruiser at a dealership for me? I would much appreciate it. PM if you can. Thanks!
  18. h2opl20

    Anyone in Yakima have time to check out a Cruiser?

    Anyone in Yakima have time to check out a cruiser at a dealership for me? I would much appreciate it. PM if you can. Thanks!
  19. h2opl20

    Wanted Opinions: 96 LC Gold Pkg

    What do you guys think? Overpriced? What would you value this at, the miles are really high. 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 Gold Pkge I'm interested but feel it's too pricey. Let me know
  20. Del Solid

    FZJ80 Front Bumper Parts (SoCal)

    I have some front bumper parts for sale from a 96 FZJ80. End Cap, Drivers Left, $20 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD End Cap, Drivers Right, $20 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD Grill Vents Left & Right (including screws & inserts), $15 + shipping Front Bumper Bracket Stays, Left & Right, $15 + shipping SOLD...
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