fjz80 lx450 land cruiser

  1. C

    For Sale  AZ - Supercharger for 4.5L FS

    Wanted to give you guys 1st dibs before putting on ebay. 80 series Land cruiser supercharger for sale. This is NOT a full kit. This is just for the supercharger, pulley, and pulley spacer as seen in the photos. I bought this as "new old stock". It looks like it as well, however, personally...
  2. L

    For Sale  FJZ80 3x, 1owner, never off-roader, all stock

    Hello, I have for sale a 1995 Land Cruiser I purchased this from my 50 something neighbor who is the original owner. It was purchased in Ornage county CA and spent a few months on the east coast aside from that it has been in Las Vegas for the past 2 decades. There is no rust. It has a few...
  3. erkelbot

    Wanted  80 series LC -- Near MN

    Howdy folks. Former 4Runner owner (02, 07, 08, 16) turned GX470er (05 -- my current truck), and now looking to go the 80 series route... The trick is, they're damned near impossible to find here. And what you do find is roached out from MN winters and the salt that comes with them... If...
  4. Kolokythi

    For Sale  80-Series parts, accessories and misc for sale.

    Almost done with my LS swap. Lots of stuff for sale. Everything from used, like new to new. Shipping from 94539. Cheers!
  5. Bill Tolmasoff

    For Sale  1995 White LC

    hey guys, I'm finally selling my rig. It has 209k on a 2nd owner vehicle. I bought it in 2002 from a local with 65k. It has been our kid carrier and grocery getter for the entire time. Boring, no off roading. Garaged and it has been well maintained. I have an ad on autotrader listing it for...
  6. h2opl20

    Anyone in Yakima have time to check out a Cruiser?

    Anyone in Yakima have time to check out a cruiser at a dealership for me? I would much appreciate it. PM if you can. Thanks!
  7. M

    For Sale  1995 FJZ80 Parts or Project

    This is is my daily driver for 17 years. It is time for her to go to the parts or project land. Body is rough, but starts every day, all wheel drive has never failed. Interior is worn Includes great condition third row seats Towing Hitch, no electricals Roof Rack New Spark Plug Wires OEM...
  8. R

    For Sale  94 FJZ80 Locked, Stock, Clean $6500 (Long Beach, MS)

    1994 Toyota Landcruiser FJZ80 4.5 Inline 6 cyl with front and rear factory differential lockers & three rows of leather seats. Runs great and has proven very reliable. I've taken it on a few business trips recently as far as 8 hrs away with no issues. Cold AC, Hot Heat, & Rear Heat works. The...
  9. montross

    Any recommended shops in San Jose

    Hello, I just acquired a 96 Lexus LX 450 with 165k. The engine looks clean. No leaks but I still want to take it into the shop for an inspection. I have a typical shop that I go to for my other cars, but i am looking for a shop or mechanic that loves this truck as much as I do. Joe
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