1. Outono

    Wanted  80 Series Aussie Quad Headlights

    Looking for a pair of Aussie style OEM quad headlamps in good condition for the 80 series. Im based in SoCal.
  2. mrq

    Need Help Choosing Headlight Bulbs — Have A Few Q’s...

    Hi, all! I need headlight bulbs for my ‘94. Mine are old and not very bright. Is there a max lumen count I should stay under in order to prevent overheating and melting of the wiring harness? I found these on Amazon and I was thinking about getting them. Would one of you be able to help me...
  3. Darb

    96 highbeam headlights are inop

    So if I push my headlight/turnsignal switch forward for high beam headlights it goes into high position but the headlights stay on lowbeam. if I pull the headlight turn signal switch away from the dash and towards the drivers seat inwards like if I was going from high to low beam and pull it...
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