fj80 heater core

  1. M

    Rear heater tube seal

    So I’m in the process of removing the old sound deadener and installing new stuff. Upon removing my rear heater core I noticed that the tube seal is a little mangled. I’ve talked to C-Dan and he says the part is not a serviceable part and probably part of the heater core assembly. Has anyone...
  2. eikelben

    Rear auxiliary heat blows hot; dash vents only just warm

    The temperature has been dropping around here and it's my first winter with the Land Cruiser. I had always enjoyed the blazing heat that my 2003 Tacoma produced and from what I've read, the FZJ80s produce the same sort of temps when functioning correctly. Mine, however, does not. I adjusted...
  3. K

    1995 1FZ-FE No Heat? RHD UK

    Hi, My LC is a 1995 RHD VX Model 4.5 Petrol. I have been struggling working out why my land cruiser does not have any heat, not even luke warm. The car came into my ownership January 2018 and since has had no heat at all, its as if cold AC is set to on all the time. The front water valve...
  4. WarriorJ

    Passenger floor Coolant, Heater Core Leak

    Hey Ya'll New here. Just bought a 95 FJ80. Beautiful rig, But now got a major project so I've heard. Coolant leaking onto passenger floor. Sweet smell, windows fog up like crazy when using heater, can barely drive it as is, it fogs up so bad. Problem is Mechanics near my house either can't...
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