fj80 engine

  1. roryhamaker

    1fzfe repair work

    Ok guys, this is going to be another gimme your opinion thread so here we go. Looking to get the head gasket and a seal refresh on my 80. It has 261k on the clock and burns a little coolant and a little oil, my assumption is just weak HG and weak valve seals. Truck runs fine but want to so...
  2. ivandiaz

    Toyota FZ Engine - where to buy

    Any help on where to buy a new FZ engine is greatly appreciated! I am looking to exchange my actual 3F on an FJ80/1991. I'd like to see the FJ perform much better than the posible upgrades I did on the 3F, still feels heavy.
  3. Iceaxe

    Anyone Do An Engine Mod?

    Hey Guys, I'm in the process of getting into a Triumph to learn about engine mods like swapping cam shafts, boring cylinders, etc and it got me wondering if anyone here has had the courage to do this sort of thing on their stock FJ/FZJ89 engine?
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