fj80 alternator

  1. Fourrunner

    FJ80 Alternator Issues

    I am in the process of replacing an engine in a 1991 FJ80. My replacement engine came with a factory alternator. I would like to use it if possible (I know it has low miles). The truck's wiring harness has an adapter plug that will fit the old alternator, but won't fit the new alternator. I...
  2. Astralcat

    Intermittent Alternator-All or nothing. 1997 LX-450

    Hi Folks, Every two or three days My dash Voltage red light comes on and Voltage drops to battery level, 12.60 or so. a bit less measured at The Alt Hot to chassis Ground. Seems to work on an engine restart. O/P is 14.4-14.6 out of Alt and 13.8-14.2 at battery. Alternator is 4 year old rebuilt...
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