fj80 3fe 1992

  1. J

    For Sale  FJ80 Rear Adjustable Panhard Bar

    I have a brand new adjustable panhard bar for sale. I bought this from metal tech last month but ended up not needing it. I paid $220 for it looking to get $180 for it. Let me know if you have questions.
  2. paulzak

    Chasing vs Tapping Block Threads

    Hi all. I'm in the middle of re-installing my cylinder head after a blown head gasket and a head refresh and have a question. After clearing the threads in two bolt holes, I've decided that the tap is too agressive and will revert to less violent ways to clear the rest of the threads . Have any...
  3. L

    craigslist  1992 FJ80 (3FE) with 5 Speed Manual (H150F) - San Antonio
  4. AustinCWood

    Egr delete, now wont start

    Well, as stated in my previous thread I had a short in my efi fuse and it ended up being a couple wires burnt from the egr pipe so I cut off the burnt sections and soldered new wires in one by one so I didn't get mixed up. And then went ahead and deleted the egr system completely and made plates...
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