fj60 transmission

  1. bmaster287

    Needed: H55F Transmission Mechanic in Long Island

    I am new to MUD but have an 85 FJ60 that needs to have a new rear seal and transfer case rebuild. While having that addressed, I figure I might as well put in the 5 speed transmission. My truck's current transmission has the spacer on it so it would be the easier swap. I wanted to see if...
  2. S

    Where to find a H55

    So I’ve been working on my fj40 for about 2 years now, and bought a h42 off someone on Craigslist, and well... that didn’t really work so well. So now I’m back looking for a 5 speed, and a transfer case. I wasn’t sure where to really find one for a good price. I know they are pretty expensive...
  3. peytonkristen

    Wanted  FJ60 Transmission Top Plate

    Installing a V8 in an FJ40 and need the top plate from an FJ60 4 Spd transmission. Anybody parting out a FJ60 4 Spd transmission? Thanks!
  4. akmcruiser

    For Sale  FJ60 Transmission / Transfer Case

    Both transmissions and transfer cases said to have come out of 1983 fj60's Mileage and condition unknown Good amount of oil came out of both units buyer covers shipping from Maine $200 per transmission/transfer case combo $150 per single transmission or transfer case SOLD Two transmissions...
  5. CabinetMan1

    For Sale  FJ60 trans, 4 speed

    Smooth shiftting, rebuilt 40,000 mi ago. Shifter and knob also $ 450..00 Chev bellhousing, clutch and pressure plate. W/adapter to put 4 speed behind chev motor $225.00. Dallas
  6. eightydeucer

    For Sale  FJ60 H41 4spd transmission/transfer case

    I have a non-rebuilt separated H42 and transfer case in working order with approximately 156K on each. Never rebuilt, just taken apart from each other and has been sitting ever since. It's time to let them go! They have just been sitting in my garage for a few years now. I'm asking $400.00 For...
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