fj60 carb rebuilds

  1. FloTheFJ60

    Carb rebuild help? Stuck accelerator pump check ball retainer clip

    Hey everyone, working on rebuilding Flo's carb and getting stuck with this accelerator pump check ball retainer clip. While attempting to remove this "clip" with forceps a piece broke off and the check ball fell out. I'm sure there's more left to dig out but I'm worried about chewing up the...
  2. CuriousGeorge57

    For Sale  Gaskets-Timing/Carb - $25 (Mesa, AZ-USA)

    Sold my 86 FJ60. Have new gaskets available - $25. Buyer pays shipping and chooses method (USPS Flat-rate envelope is $7.00 042-90B 2-barrel base gasket 042-91 2-barrel plenum gasket Diaphragm Gasket (either 21645 or 21698 - can't remember) 034-25C Timing Plate Gasket fits 10/84-8/92 2F/3F...

    FJ60 Carbs- Rebuilt

    I've networked with Mark @65swb45 to rebuild carbs for me. I have 4 currently in stock ready to ship. PM me with details on carbs and pricing. I'll sell with or without a core swap. Jason
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