fj60 brake upgrade

  1. Ol Yeller

    4 runner rear disks?

    Getting things together for putting a 60 axle under my 55, my buddy has a 4 runner with rear disks which he says work great, my question (after searching Mud) has anyone done 4 runner rear disks on a 60 axle? Disclaimer: I have no interest in an 80 axle as its too wide nor do I want to narrow...
  2. bubfuji

    For Sale  1995 4Runner/T110 Brake Caliper/Rotor

    I have 1 front right (passenger) Brake caliper for a 1995 T100 or 1995 4Runner. The Caliper Casting is S13WB. This is also the caliper used for brake upgrades on the FJ60/62 cruisers. Caliper was Sand blasted, rebuilt, and painted I also have 1 T100 front rotor new. $45.00 for both pick up...
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