fj60 audio

  1. Ian Crawford

    1984 Content - Duran Duran Cassette Needed For Testing

    So I came across one I've never seen before.... Now for all you Cruiser experts which is rare-er? A Toyota cassette Deck or an incolometer? I have yet to test the cassette player (I don't have any old cassettes laying around), the radio still works great!
  2. 84BurleyCruiser

    Go Original or New (Radio)

    So I bought an 84 fj60 a few weeks ago and I am trying to make changes to bring the interior back to original. The original radio is still installed but is not working. Should I get it fixed and add an aux input (for the iphone) or pull it out and put in new? Any recommendation for someone...
  3. Norm1

    '84 FJ60 Stock Radio Question

    Hey, quick question for someone who knows car audio. My 60 has the original radio but no speakers. I am not 100% that the radio works since it didn't have speakers when I bought it but the seller said he thought it was in working shape. If we assume the stock radio works fine, would there be...
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