fj60 alternator

  1. hank14

    FJ60 Alternator Choices

    This has been rehashed before, but I wanted to show what I had and give props to B-Z Rebuilders in LA for their quick turnaround on my Nippondenso alternator. $109.00 including return shipping with 1 week total turnaround. In other threads it was stated that they do the rebuilds for
  2. FJ60Cam

    Alternator Differences - 2:00 vs 10:00

    I got both of these in a batch of cores to rebuild, and noticed that one has the voltage regulator in the 10:00 position, and one in the 2:00 position. 2:00 unit... 10:00 unit... The 2:00 unit is what I’m accustomed to seeing. Was the 10:00 ever used? Can it be used? I don’t have a...
  3. F

    Help with alternator and AC unit reassembly

    I was an idiot and didn't take pictures of how the front end of my stock 83 FJ60 was put together before I started taking off the alternator, bracket and the top half of the AC compressor (which I think is mounted to the alternator bracket). Can someone show me a pick of how it goes together ...
  4. curtislow

    fj60 alternator

    Does anyone know if the alternator from a fj60 with the 2f will fit and work with my 77 fj40?
  5. P

    Wanted FJ60 Alternator

    Mine is out and evidently nobody sells or rebuilds them.
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