fj55 floor mat

  1. K

    For Sale FJ55 floor mat

    Fj55 front and middle floor mat for sale $385 obo in Northern California, U.S.A.
  2. pmccraney

    For Sale [MS] OEM full (front and rear) floor mat set

    This was pulled from a 72 (or 73) model. Its not perfect but its original. Its got a tear (visible in pic) on the front tranny hump section. Its also got a hole (shown) on rear section (towards the left side) and a small hole above toyota logo on the drivers section. Again, not perfect, but...
  3. Redgrrr

    FJ55 Floor mats SoCal Not mine!

    Cross posting this for Mark so it can find a home. For Sale: - FJ55 floor mats, SoCal | IH8MUD Forum Sorry wrong section, can a mod delete? I just made a new ad for Mark in the correct location.
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