fj40 warn hubs

  1. N

    For Sale  SoCal: Small Pattern Knuckles, Hubs, Birfs, & Drums

    Just finished a large pattern knuckle and disk brake conversion on my '75 FJ40. I don't have any use for the old drum brake take offs, so I figured I would post them up here in case anyone needs them. My main goal is to get rid of them and maybe get a little date money in the process for the...
  2. pavlis613

    6-spline/30-spline Interchangeable on Warn Hubs

    Can anyone tell me if the only difference between the Warn hub#28781 (6-spline) and the #28771 (30-spline) is the female spline receiver thats part of the Warn hub? I don't know what the actual name of the part in question is, so I'm including a photo. Since the 6-alpine hub is no longer...
  3. pavlis613

    Wanted  Warn Hubs for 6-spline shafts

    Prefer Warn 28781 NOS, but good, clean used considered.
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