fj40 exhaust manifold

  1. D

    79 FJ40 exhaust manifold glows red

    I have a 79 FJ40. When traveling at highway speeds for more than 10 minutes, it starts to buck and top speed is reduced to between 40 - 45mph on flat road. It drove it monday night and I noticed through the hood louvers that the manifold was bright red. The carb has been rebuilt by a...
  2. Tacoman99

    Wanted FJ40 Exhaust Manifold for a 1971

    Hey Does anyone have a spare cast exhaust manifold they are willing to sell? Not interested in headers. Don't need the intake, just the exhaust. Just need something that is reasonably flat, not cracked and will fit a '71. I can handle the clean up and sand blasting. PM me if you have one...
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