fj40 bumper

  1. mmcinnis

    Wanted Early fj40 bumper

    Looking for early bumper, patina, dings dents, some rust no problem.
  2. Dedtruk

    For Sale NOS Con-Ferr FJ40 bumper in southern NJ, USA

    Never mounted, NOS Con-Ferr 40 bumper. It's about 54 inches wide, 4 11/16 inches tall, mounting and license plate holes pre-drilled, just your basic bumper it but exudes sooo much '80's cool I really hate to let it go ... I goofed and didn't take overall pics but its very similar to a stock 40...
  3. T

    Custom FJ40 bumper

    After years of dragging around a piece of 4" X 3" tube steel I finally got started on my rear bumper.
  4. corleykj

    Wanted fj40 passenger side bumperette - straight - shipped to WY

    I am in need of a passenger side bumperette that is straight. I am not concerned about rust. I prefer no extra holes, but I can weld and grind them smooth if they are small. I need this shipped to zip 82601. Please pm me or respond if you have one. I would like to spend about $25 with...
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