fj 62 rims

  1. lamby3804

    For Sale FJ62 OEM chrome wheels, set of 5--with tires if wanted

    I am getting new wheels and tires this week on my 1989 FJ62. I have 5 chrome wheels, 2 of the tires are great, other 3 tires including spare need to be replaced. Wondering if anybody wants them with the tires. The 2 good tires are on rear wheels right now. If not, just the 5 wheels for...
  2. J

    Wanted Wheel FJ62

    Looking for a wheel for my 1989 FJ62 for use as a spare. Prefer to find something local-ish (N. California, Nevada) Thank you!
  3. NeNeFJ62

    Wanted Misc FJ 62 Parts interior door panels, rims ect located in Orange County

    Second 60 series I am restoring ....I bought this beater, A 1988 land cruiser with 288k but she runs amazing... so no complaints. Looking for the following parts Front Passenger and Driver interior door panels in Grey (Found) all 4 Stock OEM Rims Need a whole new grill mine is cracked and...
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