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  1. Judh8smud

    Custom FJ Shift Knob Concepts - Would Anyone Be Interested In Classy Knobs?

    Hey Y'all! So I have an idea that I feel is a pretty good one but I need to know if anyone is even interested... I am thinking about offering high-end handcrafted, wooden shifter knobs for your FJ Cruiser. They will not be comparable to your average knob. The idea is to create a shifter knob...
  2. F

    65 fj40 wiring harness

    I want to put a new wiring harness on my 65 fj40. it was having grounding issues and has been sitting since. Is there anyone that I can hire to come out and help? It ran great before the grounding issues. then next is new tires . It's all original with 3 on the tree. I was...

    For Sale 1972 FJ40 w/ firberglass body

    NOT FOR SALE DECIDED TO KEEP IT!!! I am selling my 1972 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. I have used this as a summer daily driver only for the last couple years. It has been stored from late fall thru till late spring. This was a frame off restoration about 10 years ago. The original body was...
  4. B

    For Sale FJ40 Body Parts for Sale

    I have multiple FJ40 body parts for sale. All OEM Parts. Parts and photos are below. Please PM if you are interested or would like more photos. FJ40 Tub - OEM Steel Tub. Light Surface Rust. No cancer. Dent right rear corner. Great shape. $4000 FJ40 Ambulance Doors: Two sets. In varying...
  5. lel

    Wanted 3 bolt air pump pulley 76 fj40 wanted

    Hi all, I have a 5/76 40 with the nut pulley. My aftermarket air pump needs The three hole pulley. Anybody have one for sale?Thanks,Larry
  6. M

    Wanted 1968 f engine

    hey I'm looking for a used f engine in good working order to swap mine out with. message me if you have one or know someone who does. located in Boone NC
  7. Judh8smud

    Where does the red SOLENOID POWER wire connect to? Using EZ Harness

    So I'm maybe close to half way through re-wiring my entire '65 FJ40 with a 76ish 2F engine and I've run into some trouble. I'm using a 21 circuit EZ-wiring harness. I tried to get a hold of EZ, calling several times on two seperate occasions this week and unfortunately, for some reason they did...
  8. Coolcam

    Lost all gears and od cracked

    Okay so here's the situation: I was driving my old trusty when I started to feel some slight hesitation like something was pulling me back a little bit like my e brake was engaged bit it didn't last long and I parked. I get back in it several hours later and try to put it in reverse and she...
  9. Judh8smud

    Need Help w/ Ignition Electrical: Ign Switch, Ign Coil, Starter, & Dist EZ Wiring Harness

    What's up guys! I'm gonna get straight to the point in this post! Goal: Complete the ignition wiring circuit so that I can start the motor. Dilemma: Diagrams don't look the same. Need to decide which one to go with and need to find where the ign switch start wire (purple wire) goes on the...
  10. LC Magi

    Heavy Duty Steel fender flairs

    This is a pair of fender flares I made for a customer at my work. He asked for steel fender flares and I never really liked the look of the tube ones with a flat plate across the top. So I made them completely out of 3/16 plate. The first one I made was 1/4 inch and about three quarters of the...
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