1. CruiseLanderAZ

    Firestone Lifetime Alignment - recommendations in Arizona?

    I'm looking to get the Lifetime alignment from Firestone since I'm making incremental changes over the year. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with certain Firestone locations in the valley? Hoping someone knows of a good tech that's familiar with lifted cruisers.
  2. on3i11s

    For Sale  (Set of 5) Firestone Destination MT 285/75/16; San Diego, CA

    I am selling a set of 5 firestone destination MTs 285/75/16. These have been great tires that have seen daily driver use, rocks, sand, mud, and just made it through a 2000 mile round trip in Baja. The tires are ~ 2 years old and have 19,000 miles on them. There is still plenty of even tread...
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