fire up

  1. IslandJ

    Before I fire up the engine for the first time in 13 years.

    Okay so I changed the oil and filter, new fuel filter, new pcv valve, flushed fuel lines, cleaned fuel tank, carb rebuild(mark), new plugs and wires, dropped MMO down the cylinders and rotated the engine manually. 85' FJ60 parked 13 years ago in a garage 6-12 months after a rebuild. A friend...
  2. thex1231

    Help with STARTER won't FIRE UP!!!!

    Hello everyone, I recently had my fj80 (1991) parked for a month or so because I was using my other vehicle to commute, recently I tried to start it and it wouldn't even click so I took down the starter and rebuilt it. When I took it off I ran it straight from the battery and it was stuck so...
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