1. Toffe

    New member from Finland

    Hi guys! My "new member post"... Ok here goes. I'm from Finland but was born in Tanzania East Africa because my parents worked there as missionaries for a very long time. So I was raised up with 4x4:s, Land Rovers in the beginning and later Land Cruisers. I will never forget spending 17 hours...
  2. mjoona

    HJ-61 -88

    Once I owned beauty – 1987 HJ-61. Crashed to tree with it after axel joint exploded in 2012. After that I have looked and wanted "new" one quite often. And here it is! It's -88 with four lamp mask, of course lock axels etc. First view by mjoona posted Jun 14, 2016 at 4:42 PM ST1 by mjoona...
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