1. MSP1989

    For Sale F engine Clutch Cover early FJ40, 43, 45 & 55

    Description: Clutch Cover P/N: 31210-60022 Condition: NOS QTY. 3 pcs Fitment: Fit for F engine 74’ & earlier Price: $300.00 per each Shipping: Express EMS for $86.40 Payment: PayPal
  2. MSP1989

    For Sale NOS FJ40 Flywheel Housing Cover 74’ and earlier

    Description: F engine Flywheel Housing Cover P/N: 11308-60011 Condition: NOS with some minor storage rust on the face which can cleaned easily prior installation. Fitment: https://japancars.ru/TOYOTA/1130860011 ( press at applicability to show fitment ) Price: $300.00 ( if interested PM...
  3. TeamJB

    SOLD NOS Toyota F engine Pistons.

    I have few pairs of Discontinued NOS toyota F engine pistons and pins (no rings). Part number : 13108-60011 Size : 1.25 350$ shipped for a set of 6 pistons.
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