1. JackAttack13

    Fuel Filter Change Fail

    I attempted to change my fuel filter in my Gas Motor 100 Series today. The line nut is seized into the fuel filter and wont budge. It was half rounded from before I bought it but is completely shot now. I used a line wrench and PB Blaster and the sucker wouldn't budge. Decided to give up...
  2. Chachi254

    DIY Fail -- OME 861/862 Springs installed on wrong side

    Saturday, I spent the day swapping out my saggy, worn out, 200k, OEM springs on my LX450 with OME 861/862 stock-height springs. The springs were labeled A and B, as I had read they would be on Slee - OME Suspension Installation (Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser) and many other forum posts. I knew...
  3. Zack1978

    Jeep fail at the auto show

    Hardcore off road travel here. Yup I bet it's trail rated. 2017 Jeep Compass Fails Its Own NY Auto Show Demonstration
  4. muelbeedle

    Emissions Trouble at Idle. Air Injection? Smog pump?

    My '86 FJ60 has been failing California smog with HC and CO at idle over 3X the limit (CO2 11.3%, O2 0.4%, HC 493ppm and CO 5.39%). I figure it's an air injection system problem. Working through the emissions service manual, it's the "Check VTV and ASV" test on page 3-21 that gets me. I don't...
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