factory toyota

  1. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  SOLD 2 keys oem

    hi 2 NEW OEM Toyota factory black top Key blanks Toyota part# 90999-00174 90999-00174 $ 19 Total for Both keY blanks + usps ride PM me please for further details thanks
  2. azcrackshot

    Factory Toyota or Aftermarket Drive Shafts?

    I am looking for guidance on factory vs aftermarket complete drive shafts. I am making a bit more power now with the LS3 and would like opinions on the strength of factory vs aftermarket as well. I plan to run my stock front and rear as spares on long trips and purchase a set of brand new...
  3. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  70-series Jerry Can Holder - Sold

    I have a brand new Factory Toyota Jerry Can Holder. I think it came as option in some 60-series (with barn doors) and 70-series, and I know of people that have retrofit it to fit a 40-series, though I don't know if it ever was a factory option or not for the 40-series. I have the 3 pieces shown...
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