factory soft top and bows

  1. SuperDuperCruizer

    SuperDuper's BJ42 Build

    Wanted to start this thread to keep track of my build. Just trying to get the truck rolling again. I'm not looking to make it perfect, just want to enjoy driving it again. I've already installed a cable locker in the front axle. I'm currently working on installing the locker in the rear axle...
  2. landcruisnman

    For Sale 1967 FJ40 FST with Bows/New Axles and 327 V8 SoCal

    I've got a 67 FJ40 that I got from original owners son. It's a black plate CA rig. All options including Belleview Winch, tow bar, factory soft top and bows. It'd got a hard top on it now. He put a V8 in it back in 1974. Driving the mountain roads of Tahoe pushed him to the V8. Was planning on a...
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