1. Judh8smud

    Starter Wiring: Where does the IGN START wire connect to the solenoid?

    I have an unfamiliarly new Starter Motor that looks a bit different than the old one and unfortunately does not have any labels on it that I can see. So my question is simply, Where does the IGN START wire connect to my specific starter solenoid? This wire.... Where does it connect to this...
  2. Judh8smud

    Where does the red SOLENOID POWER wire connect to? Using EZ Harness

    So I'm maybe close to half way through re-wiring my entire '65 FJ40 with a 76ish 2F engine and I've run into some trouble. I'm using a 21 circuit EZ-wiring harness. I tried to get a hold of EZ, calling several times on two seperate occasions this week and unfortunately, for some reason they did...
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