1. G

    Import process from England to USA

    I have been documenting my import process for a friend and though i would post it here incase anyone found some useful tidbits. A lot of stuff particular to importing from GBP to JAX, USA on hoegh autoliners, but i wanted to document it all before i forgot it. Probably lots of typos and i had...
  2. Frkens

    Any cruiserheads from Europe?

    Hi guys, I am about to make the decision of shipping and importing my cruiser back to Denmark after my epic roadtrip. I have one worry though. How hard will it be for me to get parts. This model has not - on Danish plates - driven on Danish roads before (according to Toyota Denmark and the...
  3. thecariackid

    Great guide for what to expect exporting and importing cars RORO or container

    I found this today and wish I'd seen it sooner. Good info for anyone considering importing, even if you use someone else. Moving 2 FJ40s from Cartegena to Galveston, TX next month (hopefully). Once we get a coupe more export related docs and the booking done, I'll post about the journey...
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