exhaust replace

  1. KUpchu9702

    Replacement exhaust systems?

    Sorry if this is an extensively covered question. I have been getting a code P0420 which is an indication of drivers side bank 1 catalytic issue. My vehicle is a 2006 LC100. I am wondering what folks are doing to replace these cats and exhaust systems short of going OEM $$$. While I am at it I...
  2. djzimms

    FJ80 Exhaust System

    I saw some old great custom designed systems https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/new-exhaust-options-for-emspowered.475569/ but, not seeing any items like this currently. Would love some updated feedback to options to replace the exhaust system from the Y-Pipe back. Looking for better option than...
  3. LittleRedWgon

    Fj60 Exhaust Help--Newbie

    Hey Guys.. I have had my 85 FJ60 for about 5 years now...I am lucky enough to be the second owner and the PO did a great job not bastardizing this sweet lady. I am finally in a position to start making some repairs that are needed...with my free time and extra cash..hahah. I am fairly handy...
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