engine codes

  1. 100landcruiser

    engine light;(

    My 2003 lc runs amazing at 164000. But my engine light came on and i thought the exhaust just got a bad whiff, i thought i was right when i started it and the light was not on anymore. It came back on and off for about 2 weeks. i regret waiting so long but going to school full time and working...
  2. Economist LC76

    LAND CRUISER 40 engine & Engine compartments photos

    I was searching for the engine photo base. It could be useful for the accurate restoration. Finally I would like to systemize some photos F engine. 6 cyl 135 hp 145 hp (end of 60) Engine Compartment ar 1970 1972/73 155hp 1973/74 155hp
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Knock Sensor 93-97 1FZE engine

    SoCal Can be mailed anywhere. Paypal OK. Used Factory Toyota part from good running engine, no smog codes. Personal message if needed.
  4. Nezzar

    A little help with error code p0340

    Hey guys, Recently had new tires put on, and when I got the car back from the tire place, I had a CEL and vsc off/vsc trac ligth on. Ok, nbd...did a search on the forums and figured I needed to run the zero point calibration to get it back in spec. Didn't have a chance last night, drove it to...
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