electric fuel pump

  1. 1lukeduke

    Where to run electric fuel pump and filters on TBI

    Hello all! I have a 1977 FJ40 with a 1992 5.7 TBI. The PO ran a pieced together fuel line out of an S-10. It worked but now I want to do it correctly. So, I have a Pre filter 3/8 barb, then the fuel pump 3/8 barb and then the after filter in 3/8 barb to out AN fitting. Wondering if anyone has...
  2. Kramerican

    Weber carburetor conversion not getting fuel

    Weber carburetor conversion not getting fuel. 1977 FJ40 so we installed the weber carburetor conversion and things seem good for a few days and then I started losing power and the engine stalled whenever I was driving slow. It started happening when I was going back to the house which is down...
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