el troque

  1. digitalbuck

    New turbo and blue smoke on start up got way worse. Ideas?

    A friend's college aged kid with a lot of miata wrenching experience needed work during summer break so I had him put a new ct20 turbo on my LJ78 with 2lte. Ever since the turbo swap I get a good 30 seconds of blue smoke on cold startup. Not on warm startup. A couple of other odd symptoms...
  2. digitalbuck

    Water to Air Intercooler installed and functioning well in El Troque!

    After two days of highway driving and one of hard trail running I can say that I'm very pleased with how it's working. I just got a turbo boost controller and installed it, but I them read a forum that suggested just removing the vacuum line from the waste gate altogether. So I did that and ran...
  3. digitalbuck

    Opinions on this water to air intercooler for LJ78 / 2LTE?

    I'm getting ready to install a water to air intercooler on El Troque and have been looking at all of the available options. It looks like the simplest / cleanest / most compact unit that has good capacity is this: Water to Air Intercoolers It is pretty good size and square with a straight...
  4. digitalbuck

    Deep sand and no 4 wheel drive in my Prado = trouble.

    I e had my Prado for a few months but hadn't had it off road yet. So I drove a few hours to a national forest with 4x4 trails and planned to have a ball. It wasn't until I got in an uphill stretch of deep sand that I realized my front wheels weren't pulling. So I spent the afternoon getting...
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